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About Comrade

Comrade has been in the business of bringing creative to life for over 10 years. We do it all…film, sound, music, finishing. We take your script, find out what you dig, and render it.  Like a buffet, we’re happy to do all of your projects or just a little of it.  We’re grateful that our job allows us to hang out with creative people. We strive to make creative people look good in front of their clients by rendering great looking/sounding content.


Michael Pickering has been directing and producing for 20 years. He comes to directing from the edit suite, where he learned the craft of visual story telling. From doc spots to comedy shorts, Michael’s favorite place to be is on the set. His work ethic is probably going to put him in an early grave, and that stinks, but the truth is that you’ll benefit from his poor judgment.


Chris White has been doing every aspect of music and audio post for, well, since he had long hair and played in grunge bands.  He’s written music/sound designed/mixed projects for all of the big fancy networks.  He also acts sometimes.  He writes occasionally.  He lives on the beach in SoCal and encourages folks to come mix…preferably in a beach chair.

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